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 Water Wizard
Dove Water
West Bend Pure Magic Distiller. Polar Bear Water Distiller

Thank you for your inquiry into the benefits of these wonderful precission machines for a longer and healthier life!

With any of these wonderfull precission machines you will be able to produce your own pure water, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

A distiller heats tap water to 100 degrees centigrade; causing the water to change to steam leaving behind harmful inorganic minerals, chemicals and contaminants.

The steam vapour is condensed into pure distilled water leaving the remaining sediment in the bottom of the stainless steel chamber. No other purification system can match the quality of distilled water.

This is why people of all ages, pets and plants respond positively to pure distilled water. The benefits can be reflected in clearer skin, improved energy, reduced body weight, relaxed joints and the expectation of enhanced quality of life



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